No job is too simple, complicated, small or large. If you purchased a suit off-the-rack and need a few simple adjustments to make the suit look its best (e.g., hemming pants, letting out the waist, or tapering the pants), we have the expertise and resources to perform those alterations with the highest level of precision in the industry. If you require more comprehensive alterations to your suit or jacket (e.g., shortening or lengthening the sleeves of a jacket with functional buttonholes, tapering the sleeves or sides of a jacket, re-cutting the jacket, adjusting the shoulder pads or the width of the shoulders, adding functional buttonholes or a lapel buttonhole), you should trust the master tailors at Paple Rayn Hub, who specialize in the most complex suiting alterations.

If you purchased an expensive suit jacket or blazer and it doesn’t fit to your standards, consider altering it before throwing it out or donating it. We can absolutely revitalize old, traditional suits and transform them into modern-looking, tapered suits. For a suit jacket, we can drastically change and improve the fit in many ways to enhance its appearance. Some of the common alterations we perform include shortening or lengthening the jacket sleeves, tapering the sleeves or sides of the jacket in or out, and shortening or lengthening the jacket. In addition, we can hem suit pants, as well as adjust the waist, taper the legs in or out, among other things, to create a flattering look and fit.

For over 20 years, our professional tailors have been performing alterations for men and women. We have expertise in all facets of tailoring and have experience working with all types of fabrics and materials. From tailoring simple garments (e.g., jeans and slacks) to altering the most complex and ornate jackets, coats, suits, skirts / dresses and bridal gowns, our master tailors at Paple Rayn Hub can handle all of your alteration needs.

To book an appointment at our tailoring studios or at your office / home, please visit our website or give us a call. We also accept walk-ins and can accommodate rush tailoring services.